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I’m Murari Jha. I design thoughtful, beautiful, and easy-to-use digital experiences.

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Projects at Google

I am working on multiple major projects for Google Pay. Solving these problems will help a huge number of users to make safe, secure, and fast payments in India.


Enhancing product listings

How I helped travellers to see, compare, and make the decision to book an experience on Headout


Instamojo’s Android Dashboard Redesign

Designing a business dashboard for mobile MSME’s to give merchants easy access to do great business.


UPI Payment Mode

How I helped to increase the conversion by 10% for UPI payment mode

A new feature to Hellofresh

A meal kit delivery app.

Dance card

The social dance floor competition where you get to have your say about who is the best.


An app which lets travellers earn badges for visiting various states of the US.

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